met her once and she is great. know her, so i feel i can write about her.
Thursday, 18. December 2003
Avrils Christmas Song

Listen to Avrils Christmas song here. The song is called "O Holy Night" and will autoplay when you visit the page (need Realplayer).

... Link

Tuesday, 16. December 2003
Avril Lavigne, Nicky Hilton and Tom Green

Seems as if Avril is living the Hollywood life.

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hey everybody.

everybody got their christmas shopping done? i think i do. i'm in LA working on the record. it's almost done. it's going good. can't wait. i'm looking forward to seeing my family over the holiday season and i hope everyone enjoys being with theirs. merry christmas and happy new year. - avril lavigne, Fri Dec 12

So lets go to Napanee and visit her parents house, she should come by that house.

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Sunday, 19. October 2003
Dictator Boi!

Well this is indeed very funny.

Daryl Denham's Drivetime is proud to present the new song from Avril Latrine - Dictator Boy.

See Article here

And listen realpayer or windows media

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Saturday, 11. October 2003
Avril & Jesse

are sitting in a bus. some time ago. but still.

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Thursday, 9. October 2003
Cute Avril!

I want some of those shoes!

Last seen: Santa Monica, CA - supposed to be somewhere around Los Angeles recording the new album. We are waiting.

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Tuesday, 7. October 2003
Some sites

really suck. Stealing all my sites Avril Lavigne news. Suckers! Big Time! Create your own f**cking content Megastar-News! Can I somehow prevent them from doing that?

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